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    Our prices are not fixed, decreasing by country of destination!


    Make your payment without any risk on the secure PayPal website.
    Your account is automatically credited, you can send SMS immediately after payment .


    With SMS World Sender, texting is very simple , much more that you can be assisted at any time, anywhere on the site, just by sending us an email. Enjoy assisted management for your membership lists . Needless to add 1 to 1 your hundreds or thousands of contacts.
    Save time by creating your mailing lists from your Excel files, or any other file type (on request). You can then add or delete contacts in a very flexible way.


    • It's very simple, you can send to each of your recipients a customised text by name, first name or any other information you want.

    • Allow to anticipate your SMS campaign. Simply choose the date and the time when your SMS will be sent.

    • Customize if you wish, the sender of your SMS : your name could appear on your customers mobile phones before they even read the message (whithout additional cost).

    • Recover acknowledgments of your SMS for accurate tracking (whithout additional cost).


    If you are having trouble sending SMS or have difficulty at any step during the creation of your campaign, don't hesitate to send us any questions by e-mail and we will try to answer you as soon as possible. We can also call you back by phone to provide the necessary information.