SMS World Sender offers a variety of marketing support services to make your personalized advertising campaigns, and therefore more effective.

Your personalized SMS Campaigns

Personalize your messages for each contact:
  Free, this option allows you to enter a generic text that will be modified for each of your recipients, based on parameters you choose.
For example: in your excel file, you have a column containing the name and surname associated with the numbers (06-00-11-22-33, Mr Francis). When you save your contact list, you specify the column number (1) as well as names (3) and civility (2). Finally, when you compose your message, you specify the location where you would like your information with specific channels. (ch1) and (ch2).

Your message to +33600112233:
"(ch1) (ch2)our stores are waiting for ... will be sent as follows:
"Mr Francis, our stores are waiting for you ...

Deferred campaigns
  Free, this option allows you to choose to send your SMS to a later date.
This allows you to plan your campaigns in advance and budget your marketing campaign.
To be able to cancel your sendings up to 1 hour before the scheduled date. Your SMS will be credited back.

The Sender
  You can choose the sender to be displayed on the phone with your contacts even before they open the sms.
You have 11 alphanumeric characters to customize the sender. You need to choose this type of mailing "pro".

  For sendings of type "pro", you can consult the deliveries of your sendings.